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The Traveller Deckplan Page


Available from here are several sets of deckplans for Traveller starships. Some of these are redrawn from classic ships published by GDW or Digest Group, and some are original. Where the designs are my own, there are links to profiles produced by Ships for Windows, available from my main downloads page!

Mapped with CC2The plans are drawn with Campaign Cartographer v6, a truly fabulous piece of software. If you've got it, you won't need any more help working out how to view/use the deckplans. If you haven't, trot over to ProFantasy's site and download the free View and Print utility. That will give you everything you need to use these plans.

Technically, these plans fall into two categories. The earlier ones were drawn in another application and converted to CC2. Everything in the converted plans has ended up on one layer of the CAD drawing, which makes it impossible to do clever things like hide all the cabin fittings before printing and so on. Also some of the labels have come out a bit bigger than they should; normally these aren't a problem but if they are, mail me and I'll amend the problem plan and repost it. One other thing; the colours have come out a litte weird. To start with, the converted plans will appear white-on-black in CC when you load 'em - don't panic, they won't print like that. But the colours are a bit meaningless, so you'll be better off printing them monochrome rather than in colour.

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Later versions are drawn straight into CC and are properly layered so you can display any or all of:

  • The bulkheads and walls
  • Hatches
  • Furniture, fittings and details
  • Labels and text
  • Deckplan 1.5m grid

Plus the colours mean something (I hope!) so it's worth printing them in colour.

ver60logoa.gif (1139 bytes) Layered CC2 Deckplans

Freight Tractor 'Heyan Rose' - - Games Workshop, from IISS Ship Files

4th May 2008 A small and interesting cargo pod hauler from the excellent IISS Ship Files.

Type T Scout/Courier - Hugh Foster


No, this isn't the official "Type T" which is a patrol cruiser. This one's a slightly heavier Scout ship, 165 tons, designed - believe it or not - from a space-ship-shaped pencil eraser which I thought was really whizzy. Makes a nice PC party ship, with slightly more cargo space than the regular Scout.

5th Feb 2006: Redrawn effectively from scratch to lift it into the better deckplan category,

Type CE Close Escort - GDW, from Traders and Gunboats and many other places

Another absolute classic, one to use and use again. Another splendid ship for a small PC party, though not a great deal of use if trading is planned as the cargo capacity is pretty small.

One interesting feature is the very firm segregation between officer country and enlisted accomodation. While this was described as a defence against mutiny, it also feeds nicely into player paranoia about the NPC hirelings with the habit of whispering in corridors.

Dragon class Systems Defence Boat - GDW, Traders and Gunboats

An old chestnut from the first really good deckplans supplement, Traders and Gunboats. This is one everyone knows and probably has photocopies of, but I fancied having a nice copy to play with this coming session so I redraughted it.

Empress Marava class Far Trader - GDW, Traders and Gunboats

Another enduring classic from Traders and Gunboats, the Marava has been used again and again and deserved a decent treatment. This was the version create as the target ship for the players to track in the Repo Boys campaign, and the scene of the final battle.

Beowulf class Free Trader - Digest Group, Starship Operator's Handbook

The classic Type A merchant. This is a reproduction of the splendid version produced in the supplement Starship Operator's Handbook by the lamented Digest Group Publications.

1st Feb 2006 - Redrafted with grey "dead zones" and new fittings from the Cosmographer symbol set. Also, for a specific request, an optional version of the Captain's Stateroom is included; display the hidden layer "!Alternative Captain" and the huge captain's cabin is split into a much smaller one plus an extra crew stateroom. With the layer hidden the ship is shown as originally published.

Explorer class 300-ton Scout ship - White Dwarf, issue um, something or other

This is a nice mid-range between the Type S and a Donosev class scout; a slightly beefier scout ship for longer range stuff. I recommend two or three "Scout" results on the Muster tables to earn one of these!

1st Feb 2006 - Redrafted with grey "dead zones" and new fittings from the Cosmographer symbol set.

Type H 100-ton Bounty Hunter - White Dwarf, issue um, dunno

The ship issued to Bounty Hunters on active duty, and occasionaly on retirement. The deckplans depict the standard 100-ton variant; the 200-tonner is similar but larger. For Bounty Hunter characters, download TravGen!

Brushfire class Mercenary Assault Ship - Hugh Foster

Originally intended as a larger approach to the CE Close Escort idea, a revenue patrol vessel. Examples are now being sold off by COAFC and the Navy and are showing up as assault ships for mercenary units, something they're much better suited for. Note: I am aware that the missile bay plus turrets breaks the hardpoint rules. This ship was designed early in my shipbuilding career before I understood such things properly - it was actually patterned after a lead miniature - and I liked it too much to mess with it. So sue me!

Excalibur class Express Packet Boat - Games Workshop, from IISS Ship Files

A 100-ton Express boat with more cargo capacity. A nice little design.

Type FF 600-ton Armoured Fleet Courier - Allan Wiltshire

A Jump-6 fleet courier with the ability to dish out and take considerable punishment if neccessary. Not a bad ship for fairly high-powered PC parties, although the cargo capacity is pitiful unless the ATV is dropped.

Hero class 3,000-ton Aslan Intruder Transport - FASA, from Aslan Mercenary Ships

From the very good and long out-of-print FASA supplment Aslan Mercenary Ships, the Hero class is a destroyer-class vessel capable of delivering 250 troops and eight 10-ton vehicles to the battlefield across interstellar distances. If you want to field an Aslan mercenary unit in your campaign and give them some punch, load 'em into this!

This is the largest deckplan I have ever produced to date.

Iylvir class Light Assault Troop Carrier - Games Workshop, from IISS Ship Files

In my opinion, probably the all-round best Player Character party ship ever designed! This is a complete redraught, done in CC2 from the ground up with layers and consoles and all that good stuff.

Fp2-CC6.gif (1192 bytes) Converted Deckplans

Broadsword class Mercenary Cruiser - GDW, from Broadsword, et al

A classic adventure, and a classic starship - the flying football. Designed to carry a nicely-sized unit for a player-led Mercenary band and deliver them to surface for military operations, this vessel forms the core of many Future War Traveller campaigns.

Covenanter class scout/gunboat - GDW, from TNE IIRC

On the face of it, it looks crackers. Two of the old classic ships welded together - a Scout/Courier glued on the front of a CE Close Escort. However, it does make a vaguely usable vessel, and is certainly interesting. For sure, TNE had a lot worse ideas.

Gyrfalcon Mercenary Assault Carrier (a Type R conversion) - Hugh Foster

Built on the basic Subsidised Merchant design, the Gyrfalcon is capable of delivering 50 marines to surface or deploying them in assault g-carriers from orbit. Virtually all ship systems are upgraded from the original, and the vessel can take care of itself in a fight if need be.

Mormcry Provincial Merchant - Hugh Foster

The Mormcry is a large merchant, designed for speculative trade out on the edge of civilized space, where things get a bit rougher.

Type S Scout/Courier - GDW, from Traders and Gunboats and just about everywhere else

I really don't have to describe this one, do I? None the less, as with all my plans, there's a bit more detail in this than the originals, so if your party drive one of these, this is worth downloading.

Type R Subsidised Merchant - GDW, Traders and Gunboats

See the notes for the Scout above. The famous "ship with no bog". I remember someone on the Traveller Mailing List once proving that it was impossible to make a living trading in one of these, but that's more economics than I like with my roleplaying, thank you.

Ueknou Vargr Corsair - Digest Group, Vilani and Vargr

Featured in the excellent V&V supplement, The Ueknou is the classic ship for the stereotype "Vargr Pirates" (plot device 32b). If you're lucky enough to have the supplement, it's backed up by glorious perspective views of internal locations which really help you feel you're on board.

Vigilante 600-ton liner/StarMerc conversion - GDW, Assignment: Vigilante

A peculiar-looking vessel, it none the less looked to me like a doozy for making players fight their way though, so I made up some plans. Haven't used 'em yet, but there's always time.

Walsh class Type A Free Trader - Imperium Games, T4: Starships

Starships was probably the worst supplement IG ever produced for T4, consisting of dull, empty, grid-less deckplans and not much else, and was justly panned. However, the basic shape of the Free Trader seemed OK, so here I've gutted it and rearranged everything so it looks sorta better. IMHO of course. Judge for yourself!