Traveller Starship Design - Type H-2 Toranaga Cluster Bounty Hunter

CRAFT ID Type H-2 Toranaga Cluster Bounty Hunter TL: 14 MCr102.66 (Other)
HULL 180/450 Displacement=200 Config=1S Armour=40G (0 )
  Loaded=2,223.83 Unloaded=1,610.97    
POWER 8/16 Fusion-E = 1,125.Mw Duration=340h/14.2 days Extended Endurance=447h/19 days Fuel Scoops Purifiers=24 hours No EMMask
  ExtEnd excludes: (0g) EMMask, Weapons & Screens
DRIVES Jump=4 9/18 Avionics-14 Maneuver=2g 9/18 Agility=0
COMMUNICATIONS Radio-Syst x2, Maser-Plnt x1
SENSORS A-EMS (FrOb) x2, A-EMS Jammer (FrOb) x2, P-EMS (IntStlr) x2, Low-Dnst-E (100m) x1, Neutrino-E (10 Kw) x1
WEAPONS 2 hardpoints 2 occupied batteries bearing 100%
  2 Missile, 1 Laser x 1 in 1 batteries
  2 Missile, 1 Sand x 1 in 1 batteries
  Missile Magazine: HE=20 b/r Total=80 missiles. 1 b/r=4 missiles
  Combat Statistics: Turret Bay Spinal
  Laser 2, bty 2
  Missile 6, bty 2
  Sand 2, bty 2
CONTROL Computer=Model 4 x 3, Panels=Holographic Linked x280 , HUD holo x6
  Basic Env(heat/light, Basic LS (air/water), Ext LS (food/recyc) , Airlock x2, Grav plates , Inertial Comp
CREW Crew=4 Bridge=1, Gunners=2, Command=1
ACCOMMODATION Stateroom x6, Low berths x10, Std sickbay x1
SUB CRAFT Closed air/raft x 2 4 tons Crew 1 TL 10
OTHER Cargo=439 Kl/32 tons, EMLevel=Moderate Fuel=888 Kl/66 tons, ObjSize=Average One jump requires 53 KL/3 tons of fuel
ANTI-HIJACK Basic software x 1, Camera eye x 40, + passive InfraRed x 40, + light intensifier x 40, Hatch controllers x 1, Gravity controllers x 1, Laser carbine x 40, LPL stungun x 40
CUSTOM FEATURES Prisoner holding cel l x 5, "Manhunter" identifi cation com puter mode l/1 x 1
NOTES The H-2 is the larger of the two vessels normally assigned to warranted IPAB agents. It accomodates a larger crew; the required crewing is 4, but there are 6 full-sized staterooms and 10 low berths. The cell acommodation is larger as well, holding 5 prisoners. There are two of the sepcial air/rafts instead of the H-1's one. The two turrets mount 4 missile racks, one sandcaster and one laser. Two gunners are required for full use of these; if the gunnery functions are slaved to the bridge, only one battery may be controlled at once. The H-2 has twice the range of the H-1, being capable of Jump-4. It also has all the special equipment built into the H-1. Generally, the ship's features make it a very desirable transport for a bounty-hunting operation.
HIGH GUARD 2142?41-020000-20006-0
  TCJMPCC-ASMNGR-LEPMI-F Weapons reflected are highest values.
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