Traveller Starship Design - Iylvir class ACTL assault troop carrier

CRAFT ID Iylvir class ACTL assault troop carrier TL: 15 MCr176.82 (Gunboat)
HULL 180/450 Displacement=200 Config=1S Armour=67G (9 )
  Loaded=2,414.89 Unloaded=1,844.02    
POWER 6/12 Fusion-F = 1,620.Mw Duration=400h/16.7 days Extended Endurance=757h/32 days No Scoops No purifiers EMMask
  ExtEnd excludes: (0g)
DRIVES Jump=2 5/11 Avionics-15 190kph Maneuver=2g 9/18 Agility=0
COMMUNICATIONS Radio-Syst x1, Radio Jammer-Syst x1, Laser-Syst x1, Maser-Syst x1, Radio-FarO x1, Maser-FarO x1
SENSORS A-EMS (FrOb) x2, A-EMS Jammer (FrOb) x2, P-EMS (IntStlr) x2, Hi-Dnst-F (1km) x2, Neutrino-E (10 Kw) x2
WEAPONS 2 hardpoints 2 occupied batteries bearing 100%
  2 Laser, 1 Sand x 1 in 1 batteries
  2 Missile, 1 Laser x 1 in 1 batteries
  Missile Magazine: HE=20 b/r Atomic=20 b/r Total=40 missiles. 1 b/r=1 missiles
  Combat Statistics: Turret Bay Spinal
  Laser 5, bty 2
  Missile 3, bty 2
  Sand 2, bty 2
CONTROL Computer=Model 3/fib x 3, Panels=Holographic Linked x672 , HUD holo x4
  Basic Env(heat/light, Basic LS (air/water), Ext LS (food/recyc) , Airlock x2, Grav plates , Inertial Comp
CREW Crew=35 Bridge=2, Engineering=2, Gunners=2, Troops=28, Medical=1
ACCOMMODATION Small stateroom x14, Stateroom x8, Std sickbay x1, (regrowth berth) x2, (medicomp) x1
SUB CRAFT G-Carrier x 4 8 tons Crew 1 TL 12
OTHER Cargo=85 Kl/6 tons, EMLevel=Faint Fuel=729 Kl/54 tons, ObjSize=Average One jump requires 162 KL/12 tons of fuel
NOTES Following lessons learned in the Solomani Rim War, the Imperial Navy Bureau for Design & Development announced a requirement for a streamlined, jump-capable assault troop carrier (designated ACTL) with a capacity of one platoon of Marines, their vehicles and their equipment. Hitherto the smallest unit carried in one ship had been a company, but experience had shown that in certain typess of small-scale police action, counterinsurgency and especially commando missions, delivery of platoons rather than companies on target was sufficient. Although the bulk of the Marine Reaction Force for each sector is still carried in the larger vessels, a proportion of them (roughly 5%) has ACTLs. Four are required to transport one Marine company. In peacetime these vessels are often seen on light equipment and vehicle reupply missions. The Iylvir was developed in the 1060s to replace earlier types, though not many were completed in time to participate in the Fourth Frontier War. Production of the class and the essentially similar Belraggan class designed to carry a troop of four AFVs continued up to the end of the Fifth Frontier War. After the war, many examples have passsed into private hands, as the vessel makes a superb transport for a small mercenary unit.
HIGH GUARD 2122?C2-920000-50003-0
  TCJMPCC-ASMNGR-LEPMI-F Weapons reflected are highest values.
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