Traveller Starship Design - Gyrfalcon Type R Troop Transport Variant (TL9/12)

CRAFT ID Gyrfalcon Type R Troop Transport Variant (TL9/12) TL: 12 MCr363.16 (Gunboat)
HULL 360/900 Displacement=400 Config=4S Armour=70F (A )
  Loaded=6,423.83 Unloaded=4,992.12    
POWER 33/66 Fusion-C = 3,000.Mw Duration=400h/16.7 days Extended Endurance=1,117h/47 days Fuel Scoops Purifiers=12 hours EMMask
  ExtEnd excludes: Maneuver(1g) , Sensors, EMMask, Weapons & Screens, Backup Computer, Custom Features
DRIVES Jump=2 11/22 Avionics-12 160kph Maneuver=2g 22/43 High Perfomance Maneuver drives Agility=0
COMMUNICATIONS Radio-Syst x2, Maser-Syst x2
SENSORS A-EMS (FrOb) x2, A-EMS Jammer (FrOb) x2, P-EMS (IntStlr) x2
WEAPONS 4 hardpoints 4 occupied batteries bearing 100%
  Triple Missile-7 x 2 in 1 batteries
  Fusion-12 x 2 in 1 batteries
  Missile Magazine: HE=20 b/r Total=120 missiles. 1 b/r=6 missiles
  Combat Statistics: Turret Bay Spinal
  Missile 3, bty 1
  Fusion 1, bty 1
CONTROL Computer=Model 6/fib x 3, Panels=Dynamic Linked x926 , Backup computer=Model 1 x 3, HUD x2, Lge holo x1
  Basic Env(heat/light, Basic LS (air/water), Ext LS (food/recyc) , Airlock x4, Grav plates , Inertial Comp
CREW Crew=53 Bridge=1, Gunners=1, Troops=50, Command=1
ACCOMMODATION Stateroom x3, Passenger SR x13
SUB CRAFT Launch x 1 20 tons Crew 2 TL 9
Astrin Grav APC x 5 10 tons Crew 2 TL 14
OTHER Cargo=382 Kl/28 tons, EMLevel=Faint Fuel=1,410 Kl/104 tons, ObjSize=Average One jump requires 300 KL/22 tons of fuel
ANTI-HIJACK Basic software x 1, Camera eye x 80, + passive InfraRed x 80, + light intensifier x 80, Laser rifle x 80, Hatch controllers x 1, Gravity controllers x 1
NOTES The Gyrfalcon is constructed from a standardized set of conversion plans published late in 1109 by LIC. The purpose of the conversion is to take a common Type R merchant and produce a vessel fulfilling the same role as the Iylvir (qv) whilst carrying twice the capacity. The Gyrfalcon is the result. The design requires the services of a Class B starport on a tech 12 or better world. Excluding the cost of the five APCs, the conversion costs MCr186. The drives and power plant are all replaced, giving a performance of Jump-2 and 2G. The hull is armoured to a value of A (70). A complete replacement sensor suite is installed, and the ship's EM emmissions are masked. The two redundant hardpoints are activated, and the turret match installed comprises two triple missile turrets fore and two fusion turrets aft. However, fire control improvements by TL 12 make all but one of the gunners redundant. The existing computer is retained as a backup device; the primary computer installed is a 6/fib model, and it is this that is mainly responsible for improving the DefDM from 2 to 7. TL 10 dynamic control panels are fitted throughout, a much improved but still fairly cheap upgrade. The grav plates are replaced throughout with inertially compensated models. The crew roster undergoes some changes as a result of all this. The captain/pilot and navigator remain on the bridge, but the engineer is rendered uncessecary by the computing power of the 6/fib, and his bridge station is taken by the gunner - all fire control being relocated inside the vessel. The medic and steward's roles are filled from within the troop contingent. This consists of 50 marines, complete with five 10-ton grav APCs and copious equipment. As with the Iylvir, all five craft can be launched at once via drop-down doors. The net result is a relatively cheap but tough troop-delivery vessel capable of transporting a small armoured company to the battle zone across interstellar ranges.
HIGH GUARD 4422?F2-A00000-01003-0
  TCJMPCC-ASMNGR-LEPMI-F Weapons reflected are highest values.
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