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March 2014  
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Glueing the Ends
large product photo   20th March 2014

Some Zepp tonight, mellow mood as we move into the sticky bit.

Many people have many opinions on which glue to use for what. I used to use Araldite for this, which came in the exact same shaped tubes; then it disappeared and EvoStik appeared looking just the same. It works just dandy; combined with screw fit piles I don't get them coming off. Others use hotmelt or other glues. Superglue doesn't work well for this bit - it's too brittle.

FloGreen nocks look pretty, hope they look as good on the sticks!

I work along all the nocks, then all the piles, but that's just me.

I use index nocks, because it's easy to tell you have them on right. Make sure the little tab points out the same way the cock fletch does, so you can tell the top of the arrow after staining/varnishing. With the point to your left, hold the shaft with the top marking on top (duh) and glue the nock so the index points towards you, perpendicular to the top surface.

If you don't use index, make a little mark on the top face of the nock so you can find the top when you come to fletch.