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May 2014  
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Finally! A Banner; Ancient Colours from the Dawna Time raised once more!
large product photo   27th Sept 2014

And then ... then there was a long, sullen pause. The original plan was to get a pillowcase, tack on the top loops, and use an iron-on inkjet T-Shirt transfer to do the logo.

Then it was suggested talking to the company who made our club shirts, see if they'd do a strip of the same lush green Technical Cloth with the logo a bit bigger. Initially, they asked for a load of measurements to price it up, and then went quiet. After a lot of emails back and forth, the answer was, well, more sorta no, really. That discouraged me more than a bit and the angon stood in the workshop all summer.

Then, while were were clearing out the back of the range for the roof insulation to be sprayed on, I opened a musty box, and there it was. A bit faded and musty, and blazoned with the symbols for a junior shoot at Lilleshall 5 years before I joined. But it fits the spear and cross-piece like they were designed for it. Hot damn!