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May 2014  
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Testing at Stalybridge
large product photo   1st June 2014

So off we trotted to Stalybridge AC's Clout Practice Day in Marple. It was a beautiful day, sunshine, trees, birdsong, good company, relaxed practice clouting.

In the morning I shot on the Gents flag - Metric 165 metres. Despite great advice and kind help from all directions, 46lb wasn't enough to get closer than around 15' of the flag by lunchtime. Null points.

Maddie then trots up to tell me she has 99 points already, shooting Barebow at 75m on the U12 flag! :)

So in the afternoon I swallowed any man-pride I don't got and moved over to the Ladies' flag - yes it was pink - at 125m, and after an end of "sighters" - pop! My first scoring Clout arrow (right). Did the dance.

Ended up with 43 scored for the afternoon's single clout, not fabulous but so much better than before, including 2 ends of 6 scoring arrows which was very nice. A super day out, some great tips on how to clout, bit of sunburn, icecream, the works.