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March 2014  
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Sorting, Racking and Weighing
large product photo   15th March 2014

Shafts weighed in grains, slotted into the rack in order of weight. They come pre-weighed from the Longbow Shop, but I like to weigh them again - my balance may be different to theirs, and the results later will relate better as they'll come from it. Mark their numbers on near the top.

These are Boyton Pine, 35/40lb spine for my roughly 47lb draw bow. The tables show I should be using a spine of about 15lb with my 24.5" draw, but I tried that once and the arrows bent in a medium breeze. Arrows with 35/40lb spine leave me aiming level with the middle of the target, which means they match my bow, and that'll do for me.

You'll need to make an advised guess as to a good shaft and pile weight for you and adjust with each set you build. Pip Bickerstaffe recommends 10 grains per pound of bow power for the completed arrow; I come in a bit under that but I suspect his numbers have people his size in mind, rather than mine.

The observant will note that the shafts look different lengths. That's not problems with the arrows, but the holes in the rack. One day I'll have a drillstand!

The benefit of having the rack is that you can work along with each step of the process, doing the same thing to each arrow in turn. Like the rest of archery, the Art of Repetition.