Spring Dragons

Arrow Steps
Weigh and sort into order
Mark numbers well along
Flip those balancing more than 50% along
Cut to length (26.5"), removing bottom end
Stand in a bunch and check length
Taper both ends, point down
Renumber on nock taper
Stand in a bunch and check length, correct with sandpaper
Weigh piles and match heaviest to lightest
Sand to lowest weight, adjust for piles
Locate top face and mark plus number in centre of shaft
If using woodstain, stain under nock and 2" along
Glue on nocks & piles
Weigh again
Gently sand until weights match again
Stain Black Ash
Rub down gently
Sanding Sealant
Black Ash second coat
8½" from back edge of nock (make sure lower than fletches)
.5" Green
1" White with ID and number
.5" Blue
.5" Yellow
Fine gloss red border at each edge
Name and Number, CD marker pen or Sharpie
Fletch - 15 minues a fletch!
Top and Tail
Spray with waterproofer
Finish off
Shopping List
1 Arrow Shafts Boyton Pine BOYPINE516 35/40lb 
2 packs green Fletching feathers 2 1/4" parabolic PARA25
1 pack white Fletching feathers 2 1/4" white parabolic PARA25
1 pack Arrow point Brass screw fit 5/16 100gr BRASSB516SC (out of stock)
1 pack Arrow Point Brass Taper 9/32 80gn BRASS932T 
2 pack Bohning 5/16" index nocks INDEX516 Flo Green
Arrowmate Fletching cement 1117